The Way with Anoa

Civic Engagement and Grassroots Organizing with Audra Wilson and Shannon Watts

Episode Summary

Anoa chats with Illinois League of Women Voters Executive Director Audra Wilson about civic engagement and returning to meaningful and factual civic discourse. On the second half of the episode, Anoa is joined by Shannon Watts founder of Moms Demand Action.

Episode Notes

Two in-depth conversations with two amazing women building better discourse and pushing necessary conversations in these crucial times. Audra Wilson brings a refreshing perspective to the work of the League of Women voters and how we need to engage and support a better informed electorate. Shannon Watts discussed redefining what it means and how to organize for the long term. Shannon highlights the importance of having clear action items for volunteers and lifting up local leaders. Check out the links to learn more and wear orange on June 7 for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

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League of Women Voters

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